Timese Buyer Protection Program

  • Timese Payment Guarantee
  • Guarantee of Authenticity
  • Strict quality guidelines
  • Insured Shipments
  • Multi-point watch inspection
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Timese has been operating in the watch industry since 2012. We also run a multibrand outlet by the name Nyasa Multibrand Watch Store based in Wakad, Pune. With Timese, we are creating a used watch marketplace where several watch connoisseur's can buy and sell authentic, well used and premium watches.

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How does it work?

Let us understand how the selling and buying process takes place through Timese

Seller expresses an interest to sell his watch

Watch is received by our expert technicians from seller

A detailed multi point inspection done by our in house experts

Timese authenticates watch and lists on website for sale

Interested buyer sends an enquiry to Timese for purchase of watch

Our customer care executives share pricing and other details with buyer

The buyer evaluates the deal and finalizes a watch

The buyer pays Timese and receives the watch

After buyer satisfaction, Timese releases the payment to seller

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